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Here, you can place an important quote or your organization's tagline. This paragraph uses the Promo text style. It features a semi-transparent background for the text so that it always looks good
on top of a picture.

Master layouts

Each template is based on a master layout. 

For example, the two-column template used by this page is based on the secondary master layout.

Editing template

You can chose from a number of master layouts when creating or modifying templates. The master layout provides a broad outline of the page, and can contain theme-specific graphical elements.

Sticky placeholder

We have added a special placeholder that you can use within a page template to create a non-scrolling area at the top of your page. Within this "sticky" placeholder, you can place any content, including your site menu. Any content positioned within this placeholder will stay at the top of the page as you scroll through the rest of the page. To identify the sticky placeholder within this theme, begin editing a page template and look for the placeholder with an HTML ID field value (in the Advanced settings section) of id_Header1 within the main layout or id_LeftSidebar within any of the sidebar layouts.

Note: The sticky behavior is disabled within admin view, and can only be seen in public view.

You can have as many templates as you want.

Generally most sites are based on 2-3 templates. Gadgets that you add to a template will appear on each page that uses the template.

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Blog posts


Check out this theme's Colors and Styles screen for more colorization options.

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This theme has a simple but modern design featuring rounded edges and a hint of depth.

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Example blog article with link leading to blog page

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Gadgets are the building blocks of Wild Apricot site pages. Each page consists of one or more gadgets arranged within page-specific layouts or theme-specific placeholders. Read more

Colors and fonts

You can adjust the colors of most theme content through the Colors and Styles screen. Read more.

Be creative

This theme was designed to be very flexible and easy to customize without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Designers can use this theme as the basis for complex or heavily customized sites. Read more.

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